Suzanne Richmond-Crum Award

As part of the annual recognition of World AIDS Day, the Harm Reduction Services Branch of the Hawai`i Department of Health gives the Suzanne Richmond-Crum award to an individual in Hawaii “for outstanding contribution in providing HIV/AIDS services.” This award is dedicated to the memory of Suzanne Richmond-Crum, the former Director of the Hawaii Seropositivity and Medical Management Program (HSPAMM), an HIV/AIDS medical care program of the STD/AIDS Prevention Branch.  Suzanne passed away in August 2004 after serving as Director of HSPAMM for more than ten years.  This award was established in memory of the competence and compassion Suzanne demonstrated in her HIV/AIDS work.

The 2016 Suzanne Richmond-Crum Award Winner is…Charles “Chuck” Lyden

Chuck started his work in HIV in Hawaii in 1990, when he joined the Board of Directors of Pacific Care, a local HIV organization, where he served until 1998.  In 2001, Chuck joined the John A. Burns School of Medicine at the University of Hawaii at Manoa as an Instructor with the AIDS Education Project (AEP), where he continued until his retirement in 2015.  In 2004, Chuck became the Executive Director of the AIDS Community Care Team (ACCT), which coordinated the Ryan White Title II (now called Part B) funding through Hawaii which he continued until 2014.  While on paper Chuck worked with HIV/AIDS in Hawaii for 25 years, he was also involved in HIV work less formally prior to 1990, and committed his life to fighting HIV, Parkinson’s disease and other health issues affecting our Kupuna  with his focus and work in Gerontology.
 One of the most unique aspects to Chuck’s work in HIV is that he supported those who were at risk for or living with HIV.  He took care of the caretakers, and provided education, training, and support to those who were working hard every day to save lives in the HIV epidemic.  Chuck realized the importance of nurturing and supporting the frontline workers, especially case managers and physicians, and he always took the time to respond to those who needed his support.  As part of his work with the AEP, he provided educational and social opportunities for HIV healthcare providers to get together and learn how to best serve their patients.  Chuck did the same for HIV case managers for years – he brought trainings, education and self-care to support their work.  He developed trainings, identified relevant speakers and worked with case managers to make sure the education was suited for them and reflected their needs.
 Through his work with ACCT, Chuck supported the HIV planning group for HIV prevention planning, as well as Hawaii CARES and the HIV care planning group.  He also helped facilitate the integration of these two planning bodies to support overall integration of HIV services in the State.  Through ACCT, he also helped the Hawaii Dept. of Health implement Ryan White Care Act.  He ensured that information from DOH was shared with the community and visa-versa.  In essence, he was “da coconut wireless” for the HIV community and he seemed to know all when it came to HIV in Hawaii.
 Contact Nighat Quadri at 733-4380 or if you have questions.

Past Suzanne Richmond-Crum Award Recipients

  • 2015 – Cindy Medeiros
  • 2014 – Fred Cruz, PRh.
  • 2013 – Dominic Chow, MD
  • 2012 – Lenard Allen
  • 2011 – Pat Paakaula
  • 2010 – Georgie Kennedy
  • 2009 – Jon Berliner
  • 2008 – Tom Sheeran
  • 2007 – Ruth Antone
  • 2006 – Cyril Goshima, MD
  • 2005 – John Manion
  • 2004 – Jaimie Callahan


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