Suzanne Richmond-Crum Award

As part of the annual recognition of World AIDS Day, the STD/AIDS Prevention Branch of the Hawai`i Department of Health gives the Suzanne Richmond-Crum award to an individual in Hawaii “for outstanding contribution in providing HIV/AIDS services.”

This award is dedicated to the memory of Suzanne Richmond-Crum, the former Director of the Hawaii Seropositivity and Medical Management Program (HSPAMM), an HIV/AIDS medical care program of the STD/AIDS Prevention Branch.  Suzanne passed away in August 2004 after serving as Director of HSPAMM for more than ten years.  This award was established in memory of the competence and compassion Suzanne demonstrated in her HIV/AIDS work.



HONOLULU – The Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) STD/AIDS Prevention Branch is pleased to announce the 2015 Annual Suzanne Richmond-Crum Award will be presented to Cindy Medeiros. The award presentation will take place at the World AIDS Day ceremony on Tuesday Dec. 1 (6:30 – 8 p.m.) at the Cathedral of Saint Andrew in Honolulu. Medeiros is being honored for her tremendous contributions to HIV/AIDS services in Hawaii.

For nearly 19 years, Medeiros has dedicated herself to taking care of individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. She is currently serving as an HIV case manager for the Hawaii Island HIV/AIDS Foundation (HIHAF). Throughout the years, she has served various roles at HIHAF and has a deep understanding and passion for the HIV community on Hawaii Island. She provides extraordinary service, going above and beyond expectations, to help her HIV-positive clients. Ms. Medeiros is well respected and loved by the community that she serves.

“Cindy has made so many significant accomplishments and outstanding contributions in the area of HIV/AIDS in Hawaii,” said Lenard Allen, a long-time colleague. “She has been steadfast in her dedication to serving all clients equally even those who are the most challenging.”

Allen added, “Whether marching in the Merrie Monarch Parade to keep awareness alive about HIV, working closely with a client on quality of life choices, or educating new employees beginning their careers in the field of HIV/AIDS, Cindy approaches each activity with the same compassion and dedication in her words and manner as she did 19 years ago.”

Past Suzanne Richmond-Crum Award Recipients

  • 2015 – Cindy Medeiros
  • 2014 – Fred Cruz, PRh.
  • 2013 – Dominic Chow, MD
  • 2012 – Lenard Allen
  • 2011 – Pat Paakaula
  • 2010 – Georgie Kennedy
  • 2009 – Jon Berliner
  • 2008 – Tom Sheeran
  • 2007 – Ruth Antone
  • 2006 – Cyril Goshima, MD
  • 2005 – John Manion
  • 2004 – Jaimie Callahan

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